The sound emitted by grass is a combination of the sounds made by the etheric and astral counterparts of the grass itself, combined with the sounds of the small nature spirits who work with it.

The larger grass spirits are never taller than the height of the grass. They run through the grass without pause, their large feet drumming on the etheric field of the Earth and creating a regular percussive beat. This sound provides a backdrop to other more highly pitched sounds.

The astral components of the grass itself make a constant, very thin, high sound that is difficult to discern. The tiny nature spirits that live amongst the grass in great numbers interact with the etheric components of the grass, making a high chattering noise. When a person walks amongst the grass, the chattering sound stops and a hush descends. Only the beat of the running spirits and the fine fluting sound of the grass can be heard. If the intruder stands still, the chattering gradually returns, beginning some distance away and gradually creeping closer, only to cease again if there is further movement.

The small chattering grass spirits react to some degree to all intrusion, even from animals, however they react most to humans. This is reduced if the person is respectful and loving toward nature or aware of nature spirits.

The sound of the larger running grass spirits is constant, nothing disturbs its rhythm. They simply continue their frenetic activity. (For further information on these grass spirits, select 'Wisdom' in the main menu, then 'Books'. From the bookshelf select the volume entitled 'Spirits of Nature and Angels'.

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