Conscious personal development provides us with the means to manage ourselves well and to live our lives more consciously, more fully and happily. It is beneficial to every person in every circumstance. It is very useful as a base for metaphysical work as it provides self-management skills and self-control. As well, it provides a foundation for self-knowledge that assists in the development of understanding and living a spiritual life. Through awareness and management of ourselves, we become more able to live unselfishly and to share with and be of service to others, spreading our light wherever we go.

The journey of self development begins with learning to observe ourselves without self-criticism, judgement or blame. We learn to view ourselves kindly and compassionately, understanding that we are each a collection of attitudes and behaviours, some of which we have acquired in previous lives and some in this current life. They are just the sum of our life experiences and our responses to them. If we can learn to experience life's ups and downs with a minimum of fuss, we will eventually gain wisdom in the process.

Objective self-observation leads us to know ourselves, which is crucial for enlightened living. We begin to understand the true motivations for our actions and reactions. We learn our vulnerabilities and our strengths. It is this that empowers us to be able to change the emotional habits and behaviours that make us uncomfortable and to better channel our many strengths and abilities.

As we begin to grow in confidence and self-assurance, we become proactive, taking command of ourselves and our lives. When we are confident, we no longer feel the need to blame others for the things that happen to us, rather, we look to ourselves for direction and movement. This is a much more comfortable and powerful way to live.

Attention to personal management allows us to function at our best in every area of life, whether in terms of physical activity or in metaphysical or spiritual realms.